15+ Amazing Kids Playroom Design Ideas that Very Childs Will Love

When it comes to decorating a home. Hence, a playroom is often an afterthought. So, pinpointing the best storage solutions for toys, deciding on stylish—and durable—furniture. Also, crafting an elevated look that complements the rest of your home can be quite challenging.


These playroom design ideas are suited to small rooms and larger spaces. Also, to open-plan areas and to rooms with doors (you can firmly shut). Be inspired to get your project on the go. And of course, take advantage of our hard-won advice to design a playroom for your children.


Before we start. Thus, bear in mind that young children WILL need to be monitored closely in any room that has a swing, rope, climbing equipment. Also anything, frankly, that might be a choking hazard.

Modern White


A crisp, white basement playroom by New York firm Eisner Design may be the most stylish place for kids ever. At the center of the space is a cloud-soft gym set. The built-in shelving on the right features a kidney-shaped orange lounger. The back wall is for climbing. Afterward, tuckered out kids can kick back in one of the three cocoon hanging chairs.

Chic and Sophisticated


This space proves that playrooms can be chic. Created by Tracie Butler Design based in West Hollywood, California the room packs plenty of features for keeping kids busy. The navy blue walls and rustic wood floors are what makes the room feel more sophisticated than juvenile.

Attic Room


In a New York beach house by Brooklyn design firm Chango & Company an attic becomes the ultimate playroom. Moroccan floor cushions and dozens of accents pillows lend comfort. The carpeted floor provides a soft space to play. Ceiling mounted swings get little heart thumping.

Treehouse Inspired


We adore this treehouse inspired playroom by the interior designers at Thinkterior based in Ashburn, Virginia. The “treehouse” is a favorite spot for sleepovers. The stage area features built-in floor storage. A faux tree adds to the room’s outdoorsy vibe. Not shown in the photo is the rustic home theater and indoor swing.

Balcony Teepee


A small apartment balcony can become an outdoor playroom. This space featured on the Polish décor blog Martelka is outfitted with a teepee. A bathmat adds a little comfort underfoot. A blackboard covering the railing provides a spot to write and draw, plus additional privacy.


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