15+ Best Livingroom TV Ideas You Can Choose For Your Home

Your television shouldn’t be an eyesore or contrast with a room’s décor. Thus, then it should find itself lost in an array of “cover-up” ornamentation.


Anyone you ask would probably say that they’d love to have a brand new LCD TV in their living room or den. .Thus, aside from entertaining you and your family; sometimes, the bigger your TV screen is, the more fun it is to invite your friends over. Hence, to watch a great movie or have a TV series marathon with them. Well, basically, having a television in the living room aids us from really just chatting and hanging out at home.


Fortunately, the world’s leading designers have honed in on expert ways to make the TV a room’s rightful dominant feature. Hence, while seamlessly blending it into the overall household aesthetic.


There is no shortage of TV wall options, starting with the simple, no-frills approach and ending with no less than a work of art. Chrome finishes keep your mounted television and speakers sleek and fuss-free, while borders, decorative brackets, and parlor-style frame displays all speak to the individual’s tastes and interior values.


Pallet walls are a uniquely innovative way to highlight your entertainment station. Thus, rendering it a separate visual entity. While surrounding shelves lend a comfortable blend of domestic charm and modern appeal. However you choose to display your TV, this is your time and space to recline and enjoy some much-deserved R&R.


The television has been a home staple since the mid-20th Century. But, the conundrum has more or less remained the same. Hence, how does one incorporate their TV into the home in a way that contributes to the atmosphere? Thus, rather than detracts from it? Today’s TV wall ideas have got you–and it–covered, combining modern craftsmanship. Hence, with time-honored implements that stand as a reminder that no matter the technology that enters the home, the home itself remains the same.

Art Deco Influence


Flanked by dual bookcases, this corner fireplace vies for attention with a flat-screen television. But because it sits on a pedestal and upholds a beautiful mirrored panel, it’s a winner each time.

525a Upper Changi Road


The white panels are made from acrylic panels whereas the black material is black colored glossy laminates which really brings out the beauty of this living room. Using the classic black and white color palette made a lot of difference.

Delaware Place


This Chicago contemporary living room seems really masculine because of the darker colors used for it – from the dark wood for the TV console, the color of the seating and coffee table, even the curtains seem dark; but of course, they all complement the walls, the ceiling, and the flooring.

Calgary Contemporary Living Room


We can see that the homeowners decided to actually place the television screen above the fireplace. It was recessed to the wall for it to just plainly mix with the wall design. The regular color of the TV complements well with the color palette of the living room.


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