15+ Creative Ideas to Create a Photobooth Backdrop Alone in Your Home

Photo booths are a huge value-add at any party, whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, or wedding. Thus, creating an awesome backdrop will transform your regular wall into an attention-grabbing space. Also, it is the first step to achieving serious photo op goals. Hence, while we love the completely on-trend balloon wall.


There are plenty of creative ideas that use everything from pool toys to paper plates. Scroll on to find inspirations for your next party’s photo booth backdrop — and don’t forget the props!

DIY Tropical Photo Backdrop


Tropic like it’s hot! This tropical print-inspired backdrop is perfect for a theme that brings the heat — even if it’s still wintering outside. Add in some flamingo and pineapple props and guests will take note that you’ve really got this photo booth (ahem) in the *palm* of your hand.

DIY Balloon Shamrock Backdrop


We’re all over that clover! Find balloons in every shade of green. Also, blow them up to various sizes. Hence, to make an arrangement that is perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

Rainbow Photo Backdrop


When it comes to photo booths, we *love* using props as part of a backdrop. Make sure they’re bright and colorful if you want a fun take on a rainbow and clouds. Use fishing line and foam board to hang honeycombs with colorful streamers.

DIY Floating Confetti Photobooth


Similar to sprinkles, confetti is another super fun and bright option that dresses up a simple white wall. Hence, this version has confetti floating. Also, can be packaged into a box, which makes for an incredibly unique hostess gift.

Sprinkle Balloon Backdrop DIY


A fantastic photo wall doesn’t have to be complicated. Turning a handful of colorful balloons into a wall of giant sprinkles will no doubt bring smiles to each of your guests’ faces.


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