15+ Fun Outdoor Playground Ideas For Kids

Wondering how to lessen your kids’ screen time this summer and get them outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather? Spending time outdoors is an essential element of your child’s growth. An extension to their learning space can be found right outside your door.


With so many creative ways for your kids to play right in your own backyard, you won’t have to leave the house just to get your little ones outside and having fun. Now, creating the ultimate backyard play area doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars buying expensive playground equipment or materials. You’ll be surprised how something really simple can create tons of hours of fun and excitement for your kids.


It’s so hard to keep the kids entertained when they are out of school. Hence, especially on days that you just can’t take them to the park or the pool. Thus, these DIY outdoor play areas are perfect. So, they will keep your little ones happy. Also, give you time to get things done around the house. Also, you could go outside and enjoy these play areas with them. Whether you want a sandbox, a fun zip line or a DIY seesaw.

Build A Mudpie Station


Who knew digging and scooping dirt could be so enjoyable? Building a Mudpie Station is super fun and it won’t cost you anything. You’re going to need a lot of dirt, some tubs, and bowls, pebbles and twigs that you can easily find in your own backyard.

Classic Tin Can Stilts


Tin Can Stilts is a classic game that’s simple to make and uses materials that you probably have around the house. Your children can take the stilts for a spin around the neighborhood or do obstacle courses on stilts with their friends. They can also take turns and see who can walk the fastest while on stilts. I’d suggest that they stay on the grass for that one, though!

Sponge Ball Water Fight


Outdoor play can be heaps of fun with some water and colorful sponges. Children will have a blast getting wet with Sponge Ball Water Fight. And on a hot day, it can be a very enjoyable activity for the whole family.

Build A Rain Gutter River For Running Water Play


Children love water play and it can keep them busy for hours. Building a Rain Gutter River is easy to do and simple to set up. Your children will have a great time pouring water down the river or watch their toys float down the ‘river’.


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