15+ Stunning Glass Facade Building and Architecture Concept

Romantic architecture designs coupled with intelligent engineering solutions often result in stunning structures that consume the public’s fantasy. Glass facade structures are examples where architecture and engineering meet in mutual respect to design monumental and inspiring buildings.


Glass has been part of the history of mankind for thousands of years. Hence, the material has become established in numerous variations in contemporary architecture. Thus, thanks to innovative technologies, unusual shapes as well as sustainable products can be produced with glass.


For some years now, glass has characterized modern architecture like no other material. Thus, provided they are incorporated into an overall planning concept in line with their performance potential. Therefore, glass materials not only characterize the appearance of facades. But also make a decisive contribution to the energy efficiency of buildings.


Based on experiences acquired with initial major projects involving a high percentage of glazing. Hence, the aspect of thermal protection in summer plays an especially important role today. So, solar protection devices compensate for a disadvantage. Hence, that often goes hand in hand with the transparency of glass architecture.


The undesirable build-up of room temperature in summer. Hence, the use of the latest generation of coated solar protection glass. Therefore, can substantially reduce but not entirely avoid this effect. In winter, these solar gains are desirable by all means. But in summer they can result in unpleasantly high air temperatures in building interiors.

Comprehensive Market Overview


Knowledge of the available glass products and their working principles is imperative for realizing sustainable, energy-efficient glass architecture. Only by considering any glass versions that qualify for a building project can multi-disciplinary cooperation. Therefore, come up with holistic building concepts. Hence, that lives up to the high requirements made by both legislators and building owners. Glasstec the world’s biggest trade fair for the glass provides an excellent overview of the latest developments in glass facades.


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