16+ Inspiring Elegant Dark Bathroom Ideas to Try

Black has been making waves in the design world for some time now. Hence, with the aesthetically elite adopting the onyx into everyday living.


The far from faint of heart don’t just use a little black here. Also, a little black there for trim appeal; no, the truly bold trendsetter takes black to the max–all the way to the bathroom, in fact.


The bathroom often gets shortchanged when it comes to interior upgrades. Hence, an afterthought in the grander scheme of one’s home. For those who view the bathroom as a retreat and chance at some well-won luxe pampering. Therefore, black lends some serious metropolitan edge to an otherwise innocuous necessity. From sink to shower, a black bathroom speaks of the man who takes his personal rituals seriously.


Contrary to popular belief, black is a far cry from the depressing emblem of doom & gloom it’s long been associated with. Black is the color of night and subtle decadence. Hence, the very air that surrounds the man who prefers a little mystery even in the everyday details. These top ideas for black bathroom ideas are your chance to take the bowtie off. But, keep the cultivated spirit alive day in and day out.

Black Bathroom With Birch Forest Wallpaper


You can cut your black walls with a band of wallpaper, as in this original bathroom by Perkinson Homes. This reduces the overwhelming effect of an all-black room and gives the space a characteristic ambiance. Note the brass and silver faucet that’s installed through the mirror, increasing the reflective effect.

Master Bathroom With Black Double Vanity and Cabinets


This beautiful bathroom by Palmer Todd shows off its traditional style. Hence, with black double vanity and also, large cabinets on either side. Modern light fixtures and minimal faucets give the space a touch of contemporary style. Colorful pink accessories pop out against the monochromatic background.

Traditional Black Powder Room


This black bathroom by Chrissy & Co combines modern and traditional features for a unique, personalized look. A small chandelier and distressed-looking mirror frame blend perfectly into the modern, black background of this powder room. The neutral pedestal sink could suit either of these styles and really ties the room together.

Black Bathroom With Green Plants


Here is a good example of how an all-black bathroom can actually work. This design for Wood Melbourne works thanks to the very low light fixtures. Also, plentiful green plants. In addition, a floating light wood cabinet. Somehow, this feels cozy and safe. Thus, rather than claustrophobic and oppressive.


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