16+ The Most Creative DIY Furniture Makeovers

There must be many old furniture laying around your house, basement, backyard, the corner of your garage over the years. Never throw them away! You can repurpose that old furniture into something creative, practical. And, also, unique for your home just with a little handiwork and a bit of creativity.


In this post, we have found many creative DIY projects to repurpose old furniture on the web. Take a look at all these creative, unique and easy DIY furniture hacks. Thus, you will get much inspired for your next DIY furniture! Enjoy and get crafty now!

Bright Bookcase


The plain-white back of this bookcase gets a mod makeover with a swirl of paint.

A Creative Bench


A fresh coat of blue paint revives the surface, while a padded piece of wood sits across the three seats and screws connect the board to the chairs, making it one complete piece.

A Bold Media Center


But a bright coat of coral paint and stylish, midcentury legs gave it new life. The new-and-improved media center now sits under a TV and is handy for storing appliances and DVDs.

A Smart Storage Space


By taking off the mirror, this makeup station becomes a makeshift dresser, complete with a spot for a hamper to fill with dirty clothes and linens.

Standout Office


A bright blue coat of paint, along with clever storage areas and a chalkboard door, transforms it into a fully-functioning office. The best part? If it gets cluttered, you can simply close the doors.

An Intricate Coat Hanger


By throwing it on top of a floating shelf and add some hooks, it becomes a sophisticated organizer for jackets and hats. Lightly brushed-on black paint gives the wood a chic finish.

Sleek Bathroom Vanity


A coat of shiny grey paint gives the exterior new life and a chrome faucet adds glamour. Drawers offer storage for towels, hand soap, and toothbrushes.


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