16+ Top Kitchen Trends Design Ideas in 2019

Are you looking to update your kitchen? But, are short on ideas? Investing in kitchen renovation trends is a complex process. As you can imagine, kitchen remodels ideas can be perplexing as you may not know where to begin. Also, how to chart the best course of action.


So before you set about planning the initial stages of a complete kitchen renovation. Thus, it’s essential to know exactly where to start. Also, how much of a budget you have to work with as a kitchen remodel is a costly investment. Hence, that can pay off when reselling if done well. To start, ask yourself what your goals are, what’s missing from your current kitchen design. Also, what you’d like to see go?


To get you started on bringing your kitchen to remodel ideas to life. Therefore, we’re looking at the top kitchen decor. Also, renovation trends for 2019 culled from a survey of our decorator’s wisdom. Therefore, from the best in updated kitchen furniture, to what to skip out on. So, here’s everything you need to know to recreate the heart of your home with confidence and ease.

Walls of Storage


Much like the Cliffs of Moher or the Great Wall of China. Hence, this trend is sure to bring epic/massive beauty to your kitchen. Dramatic comparison? Yes. But let’s be honest, beautiful yet functional storage will never go out of style so if this is something you are considering going for, do it. This trend is nothing if not kitchen design heaven and hides all the visual chaos of small appliances, dishes, food containers, etc.

Linear Lighting


Keeping with the seamless kitchen theme of 2019. Also, lighting is following suit. Therefore, pendants have been king for quite some time and while they aren’t out. Thus, linear lighting is definitely in. You may think a linear light means a modern fixture but it doesn’t have to. This stunning light by Urban Electric Co. gives that linear look but with a vintage design. We love this vibe.

Mirrors in Kitchens


Yes, mirrors. This is kind of a sneaky one but has recently come up on our radar (hence it being a 2019 trend). It does potentially require more cleaning (water and oil splatters) but boy does it look good. Mirrors always make space feel bigger and brighter so why can’t that include the kitchen?? The arched mirror in the picture above has us sold.

Freestanding Islands


Oh sorry, we didn’t see you there. We were just drooling over these freestanding, footed islands. This trend is an instant classic. No need to see if it lasts because our eyes will never tire. Whether it’s a custom build or a beautiful antique piece, a footed island makes a kitchen feel more airy and open, while adding an Old World furniture feel.



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