17+ Beautiful Scandinavian Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

The Scandinavian bedroom is a thing of beauty. Cool but cozy, minimalist but characterful, clean but rustic. Thus, these are spaces that aren’t all that hard to achieve. Hence, the Scandinavian interior is an effortless aesthetic that can be quite charming. A classic Scandi-inspired space places functionality above aesthetics. Hence, where subtle neutral touches and lots of negative space are at the forefront.


A minimally designed bedroom might seem cold to you. But, styled the Scandi way with lots of accessories decorating the space. Also, helps to infuse a coziness that is anything but cold. Therefore, a soothing atmosphere of neutrals, other colors may be added to the color scheme. But they are usually more muted and toned down. Hence, such as shades of blues, mauves, soft grays, charcoal, and milky whites, which helps to capture the light.


Creating a restful atmosphere is what is all about in your Swedish bedroom. But be sure to bring in some of your own personality by combining this style with a twist. Hence, such as an ornate chandelier. Candles are always a great addition, as they create a nice warm and inviting atmosphere.


Have a scroll through these simple ideas to get inspired to give your bedroom a bit of a Scandi update.

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Color It White


One of the first things you notice about Scandi décor is the very limited palette. White predominates, with touches of gray, black, pale blue, or pastels taking up secondary positions. Bright or strong colors are used very sparingly as accents, if at all. This bedroom from Avenue Lifestyle shows the typical Scandinavian color scheme.

Light Fixtures as Decorating Accents


When you live in a climate that is dark quite a bit of the year. Therefore, good lighting becomes extra important, and light fixtures become focal points for interesting or unusual design. The softly glowing paper pendant light in this bedroom shared on Remodelista. Hence, is a prime example of using lighting to add unique style to space.

Colorful Accents in a Scandi Bedroom


Scandinavian style is not one for much bright color. But small pops, such as the cheery yellow blanket in this bedroom found on Her Canberra. Thus, it adds life and interest to a room. Limit the hot hues to just one or two accents, however.

Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom


Although the Scandinavian decor is generally pared down and minimalist in feel. Hence, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for personality, warmth, and touches of other decorating themes. This lovely bedroom from APD Interiors shared on The Design Inspirationalist has a cottage vibe. But maintains the limited palette, clean lines, and airiness typical to Scandi style.


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