17+ Contemporary Bedroom Ideas for Stylish Personal Area

Who doesn’t want to have a cozy and stylish bedroom? Well, a bedroom may a place where you are the one and only can see and not everyone. So, that’s the main point to make it looks and feels more special. In addition, One of the ways to make your personal area feels cozier is by choosing a certain interior design.


One of the designs that have simplicity and uniqueness is a contemporary design. Therefore, this design lets you decorate your bedroom becomes more stylish and stunning. The contemporary style enhances the simplicity of space, color, furniture, and decoration. It’s suitable for people who love a stylish, modern, and sleek look for their bedroom.

Bedside Table Shelving


One more bedside table idea — shelving. Floating shelves work great as a nightstand. You can place them at the perfect height and if you DIY it. In addition, you can get the shelving cut to the exact size that fits your bedroom. Floating shelves come in a wide range of materials, too, from wood to glass to metal.

Cozy Area Rug


People often focus their bedroom decorating on the walls, shelving, furniture, and bedding. But don’t forget the floor. An interesting area rug can instantly add warmth to a room, or a pop of color. Play around with the texture and find something that looks good and feels great on your feet.

Gorgeous Greenery


Make room for plants! Just because your bedroom is small, doesn’t mean you have to skip the greenery. Adding houseplants to your room makes it feel more alive and plants actually help clean the air. To maximize space, try wall planters. They turn your plants into works of art.

Sleek Sconces


No room next to your bed for a lamp? Wall sconces are a smart solution to add a reading or task lighting to a small bedroom. You can go for a modern look or a traditional style. Or get crazy and mix and match your sconces for an eclectic look.

Breezy Curtains


If your small room is short on windows, you can still get things flowing by using curtains to decorate. Two smart ways are to replace closet doors with curtains or use curtains to create a room divider. Either way, be sure to pick colors and textures that feel good in your space.


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