17+ DIY Industrial Bed Frame Design Ideas For Inspiration

The industrial style is very popular, a little bit rough and masculine. But, suitable for any space, both for men and women. Hence, we have already told you of some pretty easy industrial furniture. Thus, you can make yourself to create this style at home. And today it’s all about beds.


There’s no bedroom without a bed. And that makes this usually a large piece of furniture the focal point of the sleeping area. Therefore, a new bed is usually a pretty big investment. But, not if you build the frame yourself.


The easiest furniture pieces to build are those with rustic designs. Also, an industrial style. Hence, Putting together the headboard. And then the rest of the frame is not exactly hard. Also, once everything is in place you can enjoy it. Thus, what we think are the most fun and rewarding part. Hence, staining the wood and seeing the bed actually take shape.

With platform beds, things are even easier and that’s because there are fewer cuts to make. Also, fewer details to worry about during the assembly process. The DIY platform bed is extra charming because its headboard has the worn look specific to reclaimed boards. You can give the frame a distressed look manually. Hence, by simply sanding off certain sections after the wood has been stained.


You may think the idea of a DIY bed frame is just a nice dream. But, in fact, the project is not as difficult as it seems. If you’re organized and attentive to details, there really nothing to be nervous about.


Actually, an industrial bed is a rather simple idea. Hence, you just need to make a pipe bed frame and then cover it up. The look, color, and size of the frames are up to you and your needs. Another great idea is using pallets for making the bed. Hence, it’s very affordable and easy.


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