17+ Most Spectacular Shipping Container House Design Ideas

The hot trend of shipping container homes fulfills many design desires. Hence, living simply, lessening clutter, being environmentally conscious. Therefore, building a home on a budget and the chance to do something totally modern. Also, different that makes your neighbors’ jaws drop.


But there are other practical aspects to living in a shipping container home. Hence, your house is fireproof and low maintenance. So, you can live in a container home almost anywhere, and lock it up when you’re away. Even better, smaller container homes can move with you. Shipping container homes can be modular: You can stack two or three or more as needed.


Container homes are what you would imagine them to be. Thus, Rectangular, cozy, built from shipping containers, and cost way less than regular homes. Hence, looking at container homes design ignited a crazy idea in me. Therefore, forget about a cabin in the woods. Hence, one of these shipping container home plans is up for building. Continue reading for your own shipping container house design idea!

Luxury Shipping Container Home


Check this lovely tiny house listed in homes for sale at a jaw-dropping price of only $35,000! You never get cozy prefab homes at less than $40, 000. For your home extension or a guest house, spare yourself the hefty construction price. With 160 square feet of living space, you can have this complete with furnishings. It is also water and electricity ready via RV-style connections.

Modern Design Container Home


Container home plans build from either single or many cargo containers. Hence, this modern container home used four shipping containers. Thus, the lower levels of the container home’s exterior used pre-rusted corten steel. The upper levels use expanded metal sheets. It also features floor-to-ceiling windows. And the interior is also like every other home.

Container Home And Studio


If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love how this design managed to keep the original exterior of the cargo container. It gives it a rustic feel but the inside is still a homey and sweet vibe. If you have shipping containers for sale near you, this design is perfect.

Tiny Scale Shipping Container House


Even a single container home can provide you with the amenities of a regular home. Check out the interior of this container home as design inspiration for your own project. With double shipping containers, they make great single-family homes.


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