17+ Natural Swimming Pools Design Ideas for the Inspiration Which is a Must try

Natural pools were inspired by the beauty and joy of swimming in mountain lakes. Therefore, a team of Austrian researchers is credited with launching a movement back in the 1980s. Hence, that saw chlorinated swimming pools being replaced by natural swimming pools and swimming ponds.


The idea of swimming in a pool that invited nature in rather than shutting it out with chemicals gained popularity rapidly. Also, spreading first to Germany and then throughout Europe. Slow at first to take root in North America, natural pools are becoming more common here as well.

Why It’s Better?


Swimming in a chlorinated pool is refreshing and enjoyable on a hot day. Also, pales in comparison to the experience of swimming in a natural body of water. A swim in a natural pond does not leave you with itchy red eyes, dry skin or want a shower. Thus, which is common after swimming in chlorinated water.


In addition to providing a beautiful backyard aesthetic, natural pools have many other advantages, including:

  • excellent water quality;
  • chemical-free water treatment;
  • creating habitat for wildlife and flora;
  • reduced maintenance costs over conventional pools.

How Does It Work


Mimicking the biodiversity and function of the natural environment, natural swimming ponds have separate zones for swimming and water purification. Designs can vary, as well as the recommended sizes and ratios.


Minimum pool size recommendations range from 30 to 50 square meters. But, we have also seen much smaller pools that function quite well.


Depending on the design, swimming zones typically comprise 50 to 70% of the total water surface area; the rest is for filtration. Hence, water is pumped to shallow areas with abundant plant life. Thus, aggregate that act as natural filters, keeping water pure and clear.


In order for plants to thrive, pH levels should be between 5.5 and 7. Also, if the pool is a good design and location, it should require less maintenance than a conventional pool.


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