17+ Perfect Small Backyard & Garden Design Ideas

If it’s big enough to sit out, big enough for a few plants, big enough to make a lovely view from inside the house, then the garden isn’t small, it’s just right. And if you treat it right it will reward with wows throughout the year.


A small garden is a blessing, a patch of your own outdoor land to turn into a sanctuary. Thus, all you need are some brilliant examples from our archive. Also, advice from the experts and even the most petite patio can become a space to be proud of. Therefore, fancy foliage, pretty pots, clever planting and inviting accessories. Hence, all the design ideas you need are right here.


Small gardens have lots of advantages – the main one being they’re wonderfully low-maintenance. They’re also great spaces to be creative, as even the smallest additions, from colorful cushions to stylish garden lighting, will have a dramatic effect.


Whether it’s a tiny balcony, a city garden or sliver of lawn you have to play with, and whether you want a country garden feel in the city or something a bit more sleek and modern, you can transform it into a green wonderland with these inspiring examples.

Pretty Up With Soft Furnishings


Urban gardens require careful planning if you’re going to make it to most of a cozy corner. A garden bench is a practical and stylish way to make an impact – if you don’t mind relinquishing some precious floor space – and will be perfect for lounging should the sun make an appearance this summer! Choose a streamlined modern design and give it a colorful makeover with exotic cushions.

Stay In The Shade


We love this decked garden with an alfresco dining area, which comes complete with shaded seating space and barbecue. Add a bistro dining set for the perfect finishing touch. Trailing flowers and potted plants give it a cosy feel, while the steps leading up to the second level add to the illusion of space.

Perfect Your Look


Create an outdoor living area for the summer months. Even if you have a small plot with not much natural greenery. Hence, you can create the look of a colorful garden with flower-filled pots and planters. Just like indoors, opting for neutral walls. Also, flooring can make a small garden feel lighter and brighter – perfect for a small garden.

Rethink Seating


Choosing outdoor furniture that folds or stacks when not in use is a great way to save on precious space in a small garden. Mix and match your colors for a bright looking garden scheme.

Plan A Multitasking Garden


If space is tight, make sure that what you have is working hard for you. This well-planned garden has a raised flower bed, garden wall and garden seat all rolled into one. Greenery provides shade, privacy, and interest up high. Thus, while the wall offers a handy ledge for lanterns, plus practical built-in seating. Cushions bring the comfort of indoor living outside and add a lovely hit of color.

Plant A Garden In Pots


You don’t need a lawn to create a lush garden – and flower beds aren’t necessary either. A low-maintenance ‘flooring’ option such as gravel is great for small gardens. Add lots of pots, filled with everything from the tiniest flowering plants to tall and bushy trees. Finish off with some garden furniture and you’ll have the perfect spot to enjoy a summer’s day.


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