17+ Wonderful Modern House with a Nature Backdrop

When it comes to modern architecture. Thus, we often think about different skyscrapers or glass infrastructures. Hence, that prominently erect against the skylines of different metropolitans. However, we’d like for our readers to think out of the box. Therefore, as we introduce modern and contemporary architectural designs. Hence, that becomes one with nature and boasts a style of its own.


What makes modern homes are so different. Hence, by clean lines, geometric shapes, wide-open floor plans, and thoughtful. Hence, intentional décor that says a lot with a little. It’s all about stripping down to the basics—you know, the essentials, and then those few things that spark joy. Check out some stunning modern homes that exemplify these characteristics. Thus, then learn how to bring the aesthetic to every room in your own home.

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Courtyard House on a River


Robert Hutchison Architecture crafted this 1,900-square-foot residence five miles away from Mount Rainier in Washington state. The exterior’s western red cedar cladding is black. Hence, to help it blend in with the forest. A walled courtyard was created in front of the entrance. Hence, to serve as a transitional space and to keep the area’s elk herds away.

Piedmont Retreat


Tonic Design devised this Corten steel-clad home in a wooded neighborhood in Durham, North Carolina. The exterior is specifically to weather and eventually blend in with the surroundings. The rear of the two-story, 3,800-square-foot house using the glaze to take advantage of the forest views.

Kiss House


Kiss House, a retreat set above Rainy Lake in Canada. Hence, was designed by architecture firm Lazor/Office. The driftwood-inspired design features a series of wood-clad structures—including a three-bedroom house, a garage, and a dock house—linked by walkways.

Board + Batten


Set in the Green Mountains of Vermont, Board + Batten. Hence, is a guesthouse built by architecture firm Birdseye. The home’s exterior is a combination of windows, painted boards. Also, mirror-polished stainless steel, putting a modern twist on its namesake, a popular type of siding in the region.

House in Ghent


For the Ghent, New York, a retreat of artist Corvova Lee. Also, media executive Bob Greenberg, architect Toshiko Mori created four discrete structures; the main pavilion is at right, with the exercise and cooking pavilions shown at left.


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