18+ Best Modern and Minimalist House Design Ideas

Before you begin your minimalist design. Thus, it’s important to think about how you want your rooms to function. Do you have guests over often?. Hence, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of seating. Planning to work from home? You’ll need to create a distraction-free area away from other living spaces. Therefore, no matter the layout you choose, the key to a minimalist look is keeping your space open and airy.


Paring things down to the basics and ditching the superfluous can do wonders. Hence, for your sanity—not to mention it looks super sophisticated and sleek. Thus, from monochromatic minimalism to laid-back luxury, this simple approach to interior design is one of our favorites.


But just like the no-makeup makeup trend, it’s not as simple as it looks. If you’ve been a longtime fan of the look but are unsure about how to get started, our step-by-step approach to minimalist design will help you kick things off.

Streamline Your Furniture


Modern minimalist home designs are all about creating clean, visually-appealing lines. Hence, furniture with straight edges squared doorways instead of arched ones. Also, the geometric decor is just a few ways that you can design a room that’s easy on the eyes.


Whether you need design ideas for a large or small minimalist home, space-saving furniture is a must! Add nesting tables or benches to a living room to get more seating or surface areas that can be easily stored when they’re not in use.

Simplify Your Color Scheme


Neutral paint colors are a major component of cool, simple designs. White, blush, beige, tan, and earth tones are all fantastic wall color options for keeping your home bright, calm, and uncluttered. Can’t seem to let the color go? Give one of the rooms in your home a monochromatic color scheme.


Much like your walls, the floors in your home can also help brighten and open up your space. Flooring like light hardwood, polished concrete, and white tile will give your space a modern minimalist feel. If you enjoy the appearance of wood floors but don’t want to break the bank, install light-colored vinyl planks for an affordable alternative.


Large windows that allow lots of natural light will make any minimalist room appear larger and warmer. Not to mention, windows are great for acting as a focal point in any room, especially if you have amazing views. Just add thin, floor-length curtains that go with your color theme for privacy.


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