18+ Creative Sleeping Areas for Open Plan Homes

In the era of open-plan homes and mobile electronic devices. Therefore, home designs are incorporating more multifunctional rooms into their floor plans. Kitchens with islands become both dining rooms and workstations. Offices double as guest bedrooms. Due to constrained space, some smaller homes require you to combine room functionality.


The open floor plan layout featuring a large open space and plenty of light is high on the wish list for home buyers and renters. But the open floor plan layout isn’t easy to pull together. It may lack warmth, intimacy, and privacy if improperly laid out. It also might seem daunting to figure out how to arrange furniture with no defined areas.


It’s easier than you think to layout an open floor plan in a way that is stylish and functional. The first step is to imagine which zone will be your living, office, dining kitchen and bedroom area.

Curtained Off Sleeping Areas


Curtains may not give you sound absorption, but they can definitely disguise crinkled bed linens and the general intimate atmosphere of sleeping space. They’re easy to incorporate and use. And they’re cheap.


The easiest way to hang a curtain is if your bed lies in some kind of an alcove, closet space, or wall niche. If you have a studio without any alcoves or nooks, though, you can still separate it into with a single huge curtain as shown above.

Framed Glass Dividers


The trend of late is to separate your bedroom from the rest of the space with black steel-framed glass walls. These may come as dividers, walls, and doors, but their main task is to keep the visual flow going while closing off the bedroom from the outside noise.

Glass-Encased Creative Sleeping Areas


Glass-encased sleeping areas are a lot like those black-framed dividers, only with a sleeker aesthetic. They allow visual communication but at the same time set the boundaries between the public and private zones.

Sleeping Nooks


Sleeping nooks are cool because they give a sense of comfort without requiring an entire room. These can be natural interior architecture elements or come from interior design solutions and furnishings.


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