20+ Amazing Mini Garden Design And Ideas In A Jar

City living means tight quarters and tiny-to-tinier outdoor access. If maximizing your studio apartment decor is at the top of your to-do list alongside keeping your green thumb alive. Thus, it’s time to break out your trusty old mason jars.

They’ll add a bit of charm to your apartment or tiny patio. Before you just throw some herbs or succulents into them. Therefore, try to think outside the jar with cool displays, bright colors, and patterns.

These mason jar garden ideas below will help get you started and inspire the perfect tiny garden you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are one of those people (as are we) that loves anything that has to do with fairies you are going to adore this simple DIY fairy garden in a jar! It’s the easiest DIY fairy garden (no-fail one even) that you will have ready in no time.

You can display this fairy garden outdoors (just keep it under a roof) or as a decoration in your house, it will look great as a centerpiece on your dinner table. This project is suitable both for kids and adults.

What neat ideas do you have for small space gardening? (If no one mentions the everlasting green onions or romaine lettuce, I will cry.) Or the best thing ever – reused jars??

Mason jar gardens can be great gifts or nice decorative objects for your home and garden. Thus are a couple of ideas on the mason jar garden, I hope that can give you ideas.


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