20+ Bakers Rack Models for Home Like the One in the Shop Near You

What is Baker’s rack?

A Baker’s rack is typically a multilayered shelf usually with hooks and an extended mid-shelf which acts as a slab for all primary baking materials and sometime just to cool off your hotcakes and pies.

Baker’s Rack is highly functional and is often available in different materials like wrought iron, wood, and other metals.

Baker’s racks are an extremely versatile piece of furniture to have in your kitchen or dining room. A baker’s rack was originally designed as a place to keep baked goods like pies and cakes fresh out of the oven.

They commonly have a metal frame and shelves in order to transfer heat away from the baked goods. Further, the metal frames often include ornate and intricate details, which give the racks a classic look.

What It’s Used For

Nowadays, baker’s racks are used to store and display a variety of things beyond pies. You don’t even have to keep them in the kitchen anymore!

What you decide to store on the shelves of the baking rack is up to you. You can, of course, keep your cakes and cookies on the racks. But most peoples don’t bake often enough for that to be the primary use of the racks.

As such, you can choose to keep things like storage bins, potted plants, kitchen accessories, attractive plates. And, also even a television on the shelves of your baker’s rack. Some even have built-in wine racks to store a few bottles of your wine collection.

No longer just bare bones of metal bakers racks can be elegantly scrolled with flowing designs. And, also for sporting shelves and drawers of oak or cherry.

A perfect combination of function and decoration bakers racks make are an addition that you will love in any room.


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