20+ Buffet Table Ideas Many Function Suppose to Store Goods

On the hunt for living room storage ideas? Say hello to the stylish, functional sideboard. No longer confined to the dining room, these traditional pieces are enjoying a fresh new spin; and showing up in the bedroom, the hallway, the living room, and under the TV.

And beyond the utility aspect, modern sideboards also bring a welcome infusion of style to your space. Because who can resist a beautiful form that serves a practical function — and works in almost any room of the house? Nobody, that’s who.

Buffet really shine in the ‘attractive storage’ department. What sets them apart from other storage items like bulky cabinets and wide dressers is their slim footprint.

A buffet comes in at 15” to 18” inches deep, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Besides being thin, its elongated shape means that it fits nicely along a wall, behind a sofa, or at the end of a tall bed. It also shares space with things like dining tables, beds, and couches with room to move instead of a tight squeeze.

Dining room buffet décor helps make serving guests with food and drinks easier. Buffets and sideboards, in particular, are stylish furniture pieces that give dining rooms a special charm.

With the holidays slowly approaching, now is an excellent time for you to get the best sideboard or buffet to use as your dining room buffet décor. To determine which one suits your home best.

A buffet is Beyond Storage

Beyond simply providing that all-important storage for the living room, buffet creates a display surface for lamps, photos, and collections.

Just picture the perfectly proportioned Seno Oak as a home to your new and doing double duty as it anchors your favorite wall art.

For a fresh take on living room storage ideas, modern sideboard is a great choice. From the utility of extra storage to the decorative style of your favorite look.


By rethinking its uses, you’ll be seeing sideboards in a whole new light. Leading to an endless supply of possibilities.



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