20+ Chic Boho Stair Carpet Ideas To Inspire Your Home Decor

Despite being one of the most high-traffic areas of a home, the staircase is often overlooked when it comes to design. Beyond fulfilling its basic purpose as a means by which to ascend, it’s also a prime spot to make a stellar first impression. So how should one go about dressing up said under-utilized territory?

A stylish stair runner has long been the answer. And while we’ve certainly seen our fair share of trendy runners, one bohemian-approved solution recently graced our radar.

The Answer is in a mix-and-match stair runner. Hence, is actually comprised of three different vintage rugs combined to create one playful, cohesive piece—that got us thinking. Thus, is this one-of-a-kind DIY the next best trend to hit runners?

Pick a Palette

The hardest part about nailing this eclectic look is actually finding viable runner options. While it’s important that your runners complement one another, you also don’t want to defeat its distinct purpose.

First, start by figuring out the style of rug you want. As this quaint Lake Forest abode can attest. Hence, a series of kilim rugs will look dramatically different than a collection of Persian rugs. Therefore, settling on a general color palette will also help you narrow down your selection and help visually tie the space together.

Be Mindful of Pattern

Based on a rich collision of varying motifs, opposing patterns, and eye-catching hues. Thus, this collage-inspired approach is a bohemian’s dream. The key to mastering this ultra-chic amalgamation. Hence, depends on your ability to balance and blend pattern and texture like a pro. Check out our go-to guide on mixing and matching prints before you shop.


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