20+ DIY Fall Garden Box Decorating Ideas At Window

Whether you live in a house or an apartment. Hence, window boxes are a way to add plant life around the exterior of your home. Thus, when you lack the space for a garden. Window boxes can be designed in a number of different ways.

Some sit directly on the window’s edge, while others are designed to hang under the window. As you look at this gallery of window box ideas, you will see several different concepts that could be ideal for your outdoor décor this fall.

Of all your outdoor planters. Thus, it’s the window boxes that will be on full display throughout the year. Hence, if your box doesn’t look good, your house won’t look its best. Also, the curb appeal police will be complaining at your front door.

Front yard boxes and container plants should be well designed. Hence, with plants changed-out, every season or more often to keep the display fresh. Thus, if flowers are spent, leggy, dried out, and it looks like you’re growing a doll-sized tumbleweed patch. Therefore, it’s time to either get rid of the box or learn how to arrange the right plants for your region and for the right season.

When you’re ready to transition your window box from fall to winter, simply remove the contents of the box by lifting up the plastic liners, or pull the plants out individually if there is no liner.

If the ground isn’t frozen yet, you can plant any perennials you used in your window box right in your garden. Compost any annuals and fill your window box with fresh evergreens, small conifers, and holly berries for the holidays.


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