20+ Elegant Front Wooden Door Designs Will Inspire You

The front door is a key component of your home’s exterior aesthetic. Hence, your front door should not only complement the overall style of your property. But, also provide security and privacy. These front door design ideas bring you both looks and practicality


The front door is often the focal point of a home exterior a door is the first thing guests see when they arrive. Hence it’s the last thing they contemplate after leaving. Thus, it’s visited daily by the mail delivery. Also, it gives potential buyers something to remember the house by.


An ordinary home can become “the house with the red door” with nothing more than a simple coat of paint. Thus, while a magnificent piece of architecture can rely on a unique door style to tie its exterior design together. Why settle with normal?


Front door designs are many and varied; period-style offerings still take inspiration from basic planked structures. Also, variants of the classic six-panel Georgian, or four-panel Victorian door. Hence, Glazing, too, plays a key role.


When it comes to replacing an original front door. Thus, it is usually best to consider a like-for-like design. Therefore, should a more modern stance be appropriate, mix and match styles. Hence, just ensure the door still works with the architecture. And the proportions of your home.

Hardwood For Your Front Door


Historically, pitch pine was the timber of choice for front doors. However, these days a high-quality, traditionally crafted exterior door. Hence, is far more likely to be fashioned from durable hardwood. Such as oak or, increasingly, Accoya, a chemically modified timber. Thus, it outperforms hardwood in terms of strength and stability.


All external doors should be fitted with high-security deadlocks. And, in order to ensure adequate strength and protection against intruders. So, they should be made of a solid core construction that is at least 44mm thick. Hence, This will also aid heat and sound insulation, as does the use of slimline heritage double-glazing.


For authenticity, timber doors can be finished and maintained using quality linseed oil, wax, or microporous paint. Thus, culminating in a weather-tight barrier that is both aesthetically pleasing and secure.


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