20+ Garage Storage Ideas To Organize Your Tools And Equipment

Between the ladders, bikes, and golf clubs, there’s usually not much room left in the garage for actual cars. And even then, it’s an obstacle course of epic proportions to actually exit the garage without hitting anything.

But a few smart space tricks are all you need to help you regain some extra square footage. Get organized (and find the weed killer when you need it) with these ingenious garage storage and organization ideas.



The easiest way to gain extra space is with a storage system. Try lockers, a rolling workbench, and plastic bins.

Use filing cabinets and vintage work tables to store extra items in style, à la Leanne Ford.


Leaning them against a wall just won’t cut it (even with a kickstand). This steel rack, which comes in sizes big enough for a family, installs in minutes.


If you do a lot of handy work around the house, set up a work station in the garage with all your power tools

Take note from the entryway—especially if you don’t actually have a mudroom—and install a bench with a shoe bin underneath, like in this space.

or like this one:

No closet, no problem: Hang a canvas wall organizer for all your miscellaneous tools instead.

or like this one:

Not looking to drill holes in the wall? This free-standing storage unit keeps shovels, brooms, and rakes upright and out of the way.

When you don’t have closed storage and a ton of floor space, you’ll need to utilize the walls. Only keep the tools and supplies you really need to keep from overcrowding your walls.

Sure, you may already have shelves, but wrapping a row of wire racks around a corner maximizes that tricky square footage. Add a big basket for runaway basketballs

Also, you can set it up like this:

No floor space? No problem. Hang storage bins overhead and never trip over your stuff again.

You can also fashion it up like this:

Here are some others idea that you can copy to your garage:

Cleaning up your garage clutter is as easy as taking the time to envision what space is best utilized, and then making it happen.

Shelving, cabinets, peg and panelboard, are all solutions to organizing any size space, and you can definitely stay within budget with some simple DIY solutions as well.

Also, be sure not to underestimate those high spaces, your ceiling included, to take advantage of all surface square footage.


Personally, I cannot wait to apply some of these ideas to my own garage to help clear clutter up off the floor and provide a true workspace.

We’d love to hear what ideas you have already applied to your own garage spaces, and which new idea you look forward to taking advantage of. Please leave your comments below, and as always, please share!


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