20+ Ideas for Rope Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom

The toilet paper holder seems like such a trivial thing it’s hardly ever the subject of any conversation or design choice. It is, however, one of the accessories that can influence the decor and ambiance in a bathroom and, as such, it deserves our full attention.

Because the subject is so unpopular, a lot of times people just go with the first option that presents itself to them, without even taking into consideration other possibilities.

Just go to your favorite home improvement web page and type in “toilet paper holder”. You’ll see them in there for upwards of $25-30 each! WHAT?! For something I put a paper on with which I will wipe my duff? No, thank you.

Today we’ll try to remedy that by showing a few of the toilet paper holder designs and ideas that we find interesting.

Rustic Rope Toilet Paper Holder

So easy, and so gosh darn cute! You can whip up one of these TP holders DIY-style in less than 5 minutes, and it will cost you less than $5. No kidding. I can

Bungee Toilet Paper Holder

For those “sporty” “adventurous” “crunchy” types, if you will. I could easily see this in a boys’ bathroom, college apartment or a bachelor pad!

Pulley Or Spool Or Even Doorknob And String Toilet Paper Holder

What a fun, easy concept! A pulley, or big spool, or even an old doorknob could be used to hang toilet paper with some ribbon, colorful string or rope.

“A simple toilet paper holder” sounds so much sexier and fancier in French…”un support de papiere toilette tout simple”. SURE, I’ll have one of those fancy Parisian thing-a-ma-jiggers!

Nauti-Potty TP Holder

Got a coastal or nautical thing going on? How about this boat cleat and rope job? Looks pretty ship-shape to me!

And there you have it. Couples of easy DIY and low-cost alternatives to highly-priced potty paraphernalia.

When it comes to tp accouterments, we need rock “bottom” pricing, because there is no need to “waste” money on something used purely for “waste”.

Tell those $$$ bed and bath stores to kiss your patooty. Hence, because we don’t need their $30 spinning plastic roller any longer.

We’ll be using our twine, or bungee, or a random stick from the yard, and shakin’ our moneymakers all the way home from Bed, Bath & Beyond with our wallets’ a bit fatter, thank you very much!


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