20+ Iron Security Door Ideas With Beautiful Design You Can Use For Your Home

The door is both a necessary element of any house, but potentially also its greatest vulnerability.

Unless you’ve mastered the art of teleportation or have the ability to phase through solid matter, chances are your home has a door on it.

Doors and windows are the two ways through which intruders gain access to your private space and property. Securing windows is relatively easy with grates, shatter-resistant glass or by simply by making them a shape or size through which a human cannot fit.

Doors, for this very reason, are the bigger risk, and the point of ingress the majority of burglars will attempt to exploit. Naturally, locking the doors is the first and foremost security measure. But most locks can be picked and your average door can otherwise be forcibly opened with a well-placed kick.

Doors are what stand between you and the world, basically. Intruders, storms, animals and prying eyes are all denied access by these stout rectangles of material bolted into your wall, making it of paramount importance to ensure that your door isn’t easy to break down and that the lock isn’t easily picked.

Security doors generally offer a higher degree of security on all fronts. Hinges are reinforced, the material of the doors are resistant to both the hazards of nature and human attempts to break through, locks are made to be hard to pick, bolts hard to break and frames hard to force apart.

To understand how a security door can protect you, you need to understand how a criminal would try to get past its defenses.

There is a saying that any lock can be picked. While it’s true that with specialized equipment and an infinite amount of time, no lock is impervious to tampering, it is possible to make your lock impossible to pick for the regular burglar.

Hit and Run Burglars

Of course, hit-and-run burglars typically favor kicking the door in or breaking it down. The laws of physics offer a near-universal weak point on all doors which, when kicked, will blow the door right open.

Security doors are designed specifically with reinforcements to this weak point in mind, preventing this overly simple method of breaking in.

Since most security doors are solid, non-hollow steel or hardwood, breaking them down is also unreasonably difficult.

Is It A Good Investment?

Naturally, you won’t find many glass security doors, since glass is a major vulnerability. That said, “glass” security doors do exist, but are usually insanely expensive. They are either made from cut and shatterproof security glass, like the kind used for vehicle windshields, or from a transparent material that isn’t glass at all.

Buying a security door doesn’t necessarily mean a massive investment, with some models being as cheap as $100, however, this is the kind of purchase where quality will definitely cost you.

Tips On Buying Security Door

Something you should look out for when buying is to make sure that the door eliminates all traditional vulnerabilities, and it’s particularly important to check whether any reviews state that a user suffered a successful break-in.

Not just because that’s a bad sign, but because the reviewer will likely state which element of the door failed, and that means information on how to get past that particular model is freely available on the internet!

Thickness and material are generally the two most important factors with security doors, but they’re not the be all and end all. A thicker model might still have some shortcomings that place it behind a slightly thinner one.

Some security doors are intended as a one-stop solution, being an entire door, while others are add-ons which are attached to the frame of your existing door, and can even potentially be screen doors which allow for ventilation.


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