20+ Japanese Dining Furniture Set Design With Low Table

The simplicity of Japanese interior design has been an inspiration for a lot of designers and for anyone who loves the style. Japanese-inspired dining rooms offer a rather different point of view on things.

Treating the space in a more casual and simplistic manner than the one we’re used to. So if you’re planning a makeover for your dining room or for a different area of your home, check out the furniture and décor options we’ve selected so far.

These days a lot of homes in Japan use Western-style chairs and tables although traditional Japanese dining tables are still very popular. Hence, these short-legged tables also become popular in other parts of the world and many designers incorporate them into their projects. If you think a Japanese low table could suit your home.

When it comes to looking for a Japanese table, it can be quite difficult to find an authentic Chabudai(short-legged table). Thus, these tables were the original tables of feudal Japan. It is the traditional setting in a Japanese home. These tables are not only used to have dinner but for studying, working, and gathering for afternoon tea.

In the winter it is usually replaced with a Kotatsu. A Kotatsu is a low table covered by a heavy blanket or futon with a heater underneath to heat underneath the covering and a tabletop on top of the blanket. Best for cold weather and long nights studying.

Japanese Dining Rooms

Japanese dining rooms don’t use chairs like the ones we’re used with. Typically, everyone simply sits directly on the floor around the table. However, if you find this transition a bit too harsh, try replacing your regular dining chairs with minimalist stools. It’s a great first step towards switching to a Japanese style.

The next step can replace the chairs or stools with floor cushions. Naturally, this also means a very low table is needed. An interesting concept is the dining table that becomes flush with the floor. Thus, when not in use, clearing the room of furniture and allowing it to serve a different function.


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