20+ Mediterranean Gardening Ideas With Tuscan Style

Mediterranean gardens are all the rage. And it’s a trend that’s likely to grow in popularity. Thus, as we seek to capture the summery, hedonistic atmosphere of Spain, Italy, southern France or Greece in our backyards.

For many of us, the Mediterranean lifestyle has a laid back image. Hence, which is an irresistible antidote to the hectic pace of modern life. For others, the Mediterranean style is an appealing design trend. Thus, characterized by bright colors and contrasting earthy hues.

The typical Mediterranean climate has wet winters and dry summers. Therefore, it is important that you choose plants that work well in these conditions. And providing you work to a good design, this type of garden can be relatively low maintenance.

Think of Mediterranean gardens, and your mind probably conjures images of blue skies, sunbaked courtyards, and long, lazy lunches under vine-covered pergolas. In every good Mediterranean garden design, the key ingredients are light, warmth, simplicity and relaxation.

Boldness and Simplicity

Hot colors. Strong design elements. Large swathes of one plant meandering through the beds or marching along a wall. Under the hot Mediterranean sun, design elements need to be strong and intentional to keep from looking washed out.

The thing that’s hard about creating boldness is it requires editing and willpower. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can’t just cram the latest impulse buy into whatever empty spot you have. Part of creating a successful anything is in the elements you leave out.

Because so many Mediterranean plants have purply blue flowers (lavender, rosemary, thyme), choosing a hot color to contrast makes the traditional Tuscan garden plants look rich and vivid in the bright light of the sun. In addition, the greyish leaves on many Mediterranean plants can look faded or dull if not supported by a few lush, bright greens.

Paring down your color scheme, and even choosing a design style doesn’t have to limit your plant choices, as you can see from the wide range of plants Lynda selected.


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