20+ Modern Home Design Ideas with a Touch of Texas Style

Looking to build your next home with some rustic, Texas-style? We’ve put together a collection of plans that pull inspiration common to the Lone Star State.

Texas home plans vary when it comes to specific details but show trends depending on things like region and proximity to natural formations.

What Is Texas Style?

Texas has some of the most unique geographies in the country, which combined with its rich history and reputation for all things big, results in some incredibly unique house styles.

Texas house plans reflect the enormous diversity of the great state of Texas. Houston and Dallas tend to embrace traditional designs, like an all-red brick colonial home.

On the other hand, Austin is known to favor ultra modern house plans. Meanwhile, a good example of a Texas Hill Country house plan would be a modern yet casual blueprint.

From Spanish style haciendas to Antebellum plantations, Hill Country stone ranches to high-tech, Austin urban modern homes, this collection of Texas home plans include the most popular designs sold for construction in Texas, as well as floor plans created by Texas architects and designers.

While there may be “no place like home,” here in Texas. Hence, this timeless adage is applied and lived as an art form. Wide-open interior living spaces complement the gracious entertaining style. Thus, Texans are known for while deep-set verandahs, expansive covered porches, and outdoor decks. Thus, offer the perfect spot to sip sweet iced tea and bar-b-que for large groups of family and friends.

From urban settings, where two-thirds of all Texans live, to wide-open vistas. Therefore, these homes represent the industry standard of well-designed homes where lifestyle and the love of the land intersect; where West meets South and mighty dreams are forged.

The Meaning Of Texan Style

Texas is home to some of the most innovative and creative home designers. Therefore, artistically display the deep and intense love Texans. Hence, having their way of life through the construction of well-designed homes.

Culturally appealing and fiercely popular, these regional house plans represent the best in Southwestern home designs. Thus, maintaining balance and geographical and climate needs.

The more rustic simple nature of Texas Hill Country style. Hence, also due to the lean times when the area was being settled, resulting in a simple and authentic style. The Hill Country style has a modern elegance because of simplicity, materials and detail in construction.


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