20+ Small Kids Bedroom Design And Decor Ideas For Boys

Re-decorating a child’s small bedroom? The dream is to have a vibrant, inspiring. Also, an uncluttered place in which to play or get homework done. But, the reality is that our offspring usually get stuck with the box room. Hence, that was previously used to house the vacuum cleaner and the drying rack.


We know it can be tricky to know how to transform these small spaces. But, we think our inspirational ideas to take a small kid’s bedroom from the box room to the best room are fail-safe.

Leave Space For A Built In Desk


In a small room, built-in storage can be a lifesaver in making sure the room feels spacious for your child. But, still fits all their belongings in. When fitting a built-in wardrobe along one wall. Hence, leave a small cut out for a slim laptop desk. A board like the one in this room can be added above the desk to attach pencil pots, lamps, and even a house plant too. This will help leave the desk clear so there is plenty of space for them to do their homework.

Create More Floor Space With A High Rise Bed


Floor space is precious in a kid’s room. Because, it’s the building zone for lego, trains, fairy kingdoms, and hours of fun. So, in a small room keep the footprint of the bed small by using a high rise bed. Therefore, In this room the space under the bed. Hence, has been turned into a lounging den for reading. As your child grows up this space can be adjusted to house extra storage for clothes or a desk.

Paint Floorboards A Similar Color To The Walls


From looking at this room you would never be able to guess the size of it. Thus, despite the tent that has been squeezed into the corner this room looks far from cluttered. Thus, is thanks to the light color scheme which has been extended from the walls to the floorboards. Also, carpets might feel a more natural choice in a kid’s room. But, the bare floorboards make space feel more spacious than it is. Hence, you also have the option to play around with rugs. Paint floorboards a similar color to the walls

Put A Peg Rail Above The Bed


It is important to make use of all the wall space. So, you can keep the floor as free as possible. Thus, the space over the bed is often only used for wall art and stickers. But, double this up as extra storage by placing a peg rail over it. Your child will be able to grab their dressing gown as soon as they step out of bed, and they’ll never be able to complain about losing their PE bag again.


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