20+ Small Twins Minimalist Bedroom Designs For Boys

The twin’s bedroom is one of the rooms in our home I’ve been most excited to share since we’ve started living more minimally. I think because people often ask me how we live minimally with kids. Hence, they don’t understand how we can have such a minimal toy/clothing collection for two active three-year-old boys.

I actually LOVE the challenge of keeping their wardrobe as small as possible. Hence, I mean, the seasons change constantly. Thus, where we live and they grow out of the things we buy them. Hence, before the next time, that season rolls around again.

While I understand that some items (t-shirts, jeans, etc.,) can be worn for multiple seasons. Therefore, living minimally I like them to have a small collection of basic and neutral items. Thus, can be worn multiple times/week and be mixed and matched well with each other.

Instead of just having a massive amount of clothes. It does take some planning ahead and not just grabbing things off the sale rack because they’re on sale. But for us, it really pays off and keeps their closet organized and to a minimum. I’ll explain more about what their wardrobe entails further down.

It’s been a game-changer in the way our kids play and interact with each other. Hence, the bins in their closet are the only toys we keep in their bedrooms. Actually, they’re the only toys we keep on our main level.

One is filled with lego, one with Duplo, one with some other building toys and then they have a bin for little figurines they collect. My kids are SO into figurines. Hence, their collection involves some from Disney, paw patrol, Peppa pig, etc. Also, some from McDonald’s and some from the dollar store.

We have to keep this collection under control so I currently do a monthly purge for smaller toys they don’t care for or play with much anymore. The boys help me with this.

As I mentioned in the playroom post, I love that from a young age they are learning not to be too attached to material things. They’re starting to tell me now that they think another child would play with this or use this item more than they do and we add it to the “to give away” pile for that month. I love this.


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