20+ Unique Wood Phone Holder Ideas to Become Your Table Decorate

Nowadays, it is so hard for many people to get away from their phone. You will also feel uncomfortable if you forget to carry it.

So, we can say that handphone are really popular and being important. As a result, their accessories are also lovable.

One of them is a phone stand. You can buy it right away in the store or make the unique one by yourself. But, the DIY phone stand is easy and you can make it at home!

Although you don’t use phone stand all the times, it is very useful to make your desk looks neat.

Your phone will be more neatly displayed on the table when you use it. In addition, your phone stand is nice and can attract anyone who sees it.

Furthermore, there’s no one who has the same as yours because it is handmade. So, it will be more special.

DIY Phone Stand

It is a nice phone stand design. It made of wood and you can hang it on the wall. So, it won’t need much space to put on. Also, it is a great gift for anyone who needs a secure place for their phone.

You can get it instantly by buying it online or make it by yourself at home. But, a gift would be more precious if it is handmade, isn’t it?

Creative Phone Stand

A small item that can hold many things. You will really love to have it on your desk. It made of wood and the pattern looks really clear and nice. You can stand some of your things to it too. For examples like a small notebook, phone, pencils, and pen.

Easy Phone Stand

This design is a simple one and easier than the other design. As you can see, it made of wood and the shape is really common or simple. So, you won’t find any difficulties in making it.

You can make it easily although you’re not a craft man. Although it is easy to make, it has a great function because it can stand some phone or tablet at the same time.

Simple Phone Stand

You can use a piece of wood to make this simple phone stand. It has a beautiful natural pattern of wood that everyone loves. Furthermore, adding some other hole for standing a pen or a pencil makes it a great phone stand.

It will really fit to put on the desk at your office or at home. Anyone who sees it will really fall in love with it and admire it for sure.


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