22 Fun Sport Kids Playroom Decor Ideas For Boys

There are few spaces in the house as personal as the bedroom. Hence, this does not apply to adults only. Thus, even kids take their bedrooms as their personal sanctuaries. Therefore, they want their personality, hobbies, and passions to be reflected in the décor of the room. Hence, this is something to consider when you are undertaking a home renovation or building a new house.

Instead of the usual bedroom design, make it pop by using a theme. Thus, one common idea is to deck out a kid’s bedroom in a sports theme. Therefore, it can be football, soccer, hockey, racing, or a combination of sports.

If your kid loves sports, this is the dream bedroom. It does not even have to be expensive. A great sports themed bedroom just needs good planning and some creative thinking before starting your home renovation.

There are tons of sports ideas you can use when decorating the bedroom, as you will see in the images below. You can use actual sports items such as balls, a basketball basket, or hockey sticks.

Instead of physical sports items, you can paint them on the walls. Another idea is to put up sports memorabilia around the bedroom. It would be especially great if you had signed memorabilia such as a ball, racket, or jersey to place in a display case.

You can also decide to take the sporting to the bed itself by using themed bedding. You can choose sheets and blankets in their favorite team colors or choose a pillow that shows passion for a certain sport.

If the bedding is not enough, consider decking out the entire room, including flooring and walls, in a team’s colors.

The possibilities are endless. You can go as far as recreating a mini hockey or football field on the floor or on the wall. Also, even include a large sports mascot.

You could also use sports art to create a sporty bedroom. It can be anything from a large painting on the wall to a blown-up picture of a special sports moment.


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