25 Awesome Roman Pool Design Ideas With Grecian Style

Swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Hence, some are used for specific purposes. Thus, like lap pools for health and fitness, infinity pools to make a landscape architectural statement.

Novelty pools to express the owner’s personality or interests. And naturalistic pools that blend in with the landscape.

Things that can dictate the shape of your pool: lot size and available space, lay off the land, budget, meeting safety codes, your home’s architectural style, sun exposure, how you will use the pool and if you want an integrated or separate spa.

When creating remarkable landscape designs for you outdoor you also consider the size and shape of your swimming pools. Thus, we have seen so many kinds and shapes of swimming pools in many hotels and other residences as well.

Today we will be amazed by the different Grecian and Roman Grecian shaped pool designs. Hence, that will possibly capture not just your attention but your heart.

Well, the Grecian Shaped Pools are said to have a classic look that started with a basic rectangular shape but with truncated or “cut off” corners. This kind of shape can best complement the architecture and the backyard garden areas that have a classical theme. Moreover, some of its pool areas are lost by cutting off the corners.

What Is Roman Pool

Classic pool shapes are variations of rectangular pools and are often called Grecian and Roman pools. Hence, both are formal in design and based on ancient pools. Thus, a Roman-shaped swimming pool has an arch or slight curve at one or both ends of a rectangle. And are also considered to be classic-shaped pools. If the arch is on one side it’s a single Roman; on both, it’s a double Roman.

The roman shaped pool described as another classical design. Hence, that starts with a rectangle but adds semi-circles at the pool’s ends and sides. Also, its corners are circular shapes too. The semi-circles are good places to add steps. Therefore, the designers show how the Roman and Grecian theme combinations can come up with another remarkable design of Roman Grecian shaped pools.


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