30+ Awesome DIY Art Pencil Holder Ideas For Kids

We just never stop using pencils. Thus, that is why we should always have some pencil holders around. Hence, to keep these regular needs of ours all organized.

It’s like the easiest of the crafts to create some cool and useful pencil holders but still. Therefore, we have these 30+ Easy DIY Pencil Holder Ideas for you to get some cute inspiration from.

Not only they are easy, but also immense cheap to make as the supplies can be found right in your house when you are up to these easy DIY School Crafts. So without further ado check them all out!

The students have the pencils on their homework tables and the desks and with these really cute Pencil Holders. Hence, you can really help them to make their desk spaces look so well organized and beautiful.

You can even pull off some of these pencil holder ideas for your library. Also, your side table when you are in the habit of writing a diary before going to bed. And those who are the fun crafters. Hence, having a huge bunch of pens, pencils, markers, and colors. Therefore, can use the pencil holders to sort all of these cool stationeries of them.

What Do You Need To Make One?

There are quite things that you can use as pencil holders like Empty Tin Cans, jars, containers, and boxes. Also, you can even create some on your own using the paper, Popsicle sticks and the pencils themselves too.

Each of these handmade pencil holders has been decorated with pretty colors, adorable features. Also, lovely designs so that they not only store your pencils. But, also bring a lot of beauty to your spaces too.

Are your kids happy about the beginning of the new school year? Some might be happy, others grumpy but new pencils are always fun so let’s make a little DIY pencil holder to keep them all neat and tidy in one place!


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