30+ DIY Entrance Door House Design Ideas in the Tropical Season

The tropical home design is an interesting direction because it can build on any of the other styles with minor changes that make it blend in perfectly with the exotic surroundings.

This means that this style is quite versatile and there are many possible designs that might resemble traditional and contemporary homes. This is even more noticeable in the exterior as you will see in this collection of tropical home exterior designs.

A lot of the residences that we’ve put in the following collection have features from many other styles but there is always something that distinguishes them as tropical homes.

The intimate connection between architecture and nature is materialized in some really incredible ways especially when it comes to modern residential projects.

A lot of us think of our dream home as being a tropical and modern house with a green roof, generous outdoor spaces, surrounded by lush vegetation and with majestic views.

Such images are inspired by real like projects such as the ones we’re about to show you. These stunning houses feature the perfect blend between modern architecture and timeless natural beauty.

You can mimic the land around your home and this ingenious design strategy allows it to blend in and to enjoy a very special connection with nature and the landscape that surrounds it.

The strategy, in this case, was to hide the structural elements which create the house by taking advantage of the uneven terrain.


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