30+ Double Shower Design Ideas as if Bath Under Heavy Rain

Feeling a little tight in your one-person shower? Double showers, big enough for two, are the solution you are looking for.

Due to the larger space they use, double showers tend to be the central focus of a master bathroom. That’s why making smart decor decisions matters: the colors, materials, and hardware you choose are going to make a big impact.

Installing or building a double shower is usually best done during a full bathroom renovation.

Once it’s in, the double shower not only adds value to your home, but it also allows both heads of the family to take a shower whenever they like, no matter if someone else is already in there.

Double Capsule Shower

This cool, modern, space-age double shower has a round, capsule design that makes you feel like you’re in a Star Trek turbolift—down to the shiny, multicolored mosaic tile.

Since the flooring is the same in and out of the shower, it looks seamlessly integrated into the bathroom. The unusual shape and position (in the middle rather than a corner of the room) make this capsule shower the focal point of the space.

Marble Double Shower

Always a classic shower material, marble shines in this double shower. A double partition opens up space, and two fixed shower heads provide symmetry.

The large marble subway tile gets added movement and interest with the mosaic border tile and floor. If you like your bathrooms in classic white, this shower design is both timeless and modern.

Stone Double Shower With Large Rainfall Shower Head

This beautiful walk-in double shower uses natural stone for texture on the side of the walls in a subtle, neutral palette that will suit almost any decor style. Take special note of the large rainfall showerhead that covers the center of the space, rather than two separate ones. If you want to take a quick shower before work, the fixed shower heads will work just fine too.

Classic Subway Tile Double Shower

Add interest to a classic white subway tile by using a contrasting grout and dark flooring, as in this double shower by Leivars. Two ceiling and one handheld showerheads provide all the cleaning power you need. This design has a retro feel, too, thanks to the white and stainless hardware detail.


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