30+ Life Plants Ideas in the Room to Refresh Your Mind and Eyes

Indoor plants not only make your living space more inviting and luxurious, but they also make your home’s air healthier.

Check out some of our favorite ways to freshen up your home décor with a touch of green.

NASA’s Clean Air Study found that house plants, “…may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents from the air, helping neutralize the effects of sick building syndrome.” Ten modern, air-filtering, long-living houseplants include:

  • Dracaena
  • Spider plant
  • Fig
  • Devil’s ivy
  • Lady palm
  • Ficus
  • Aloe vera
  • Succulents
  • Peace lily
  • Snake plant


Here are some beautifully modern ideas for displaying house plants of any shape and size.

1. Use Plant Life To Enhance A Natural Feel

Want your home to have a natural feel? Create a (controlled) indoor jungle with oversized plant life; we’d recommend a humungous Swiss cheese plant as a great starting point.

Combined with earth-toned furniture, this lively living room is a breath of fresh air (literally).

2. Use Trailing House Plants To Create A Living Wall

Adding some living, breathing greenery instantly gives a fresh feeling to space. We love this look for a great alternative to the more traditional gallery wall.

3. Choose An Eye-Catching House Plant Pot

A step-up from the standard plant pot, Mid-century inspired planters are a sophisticated option for displaying house plants.

Particularly the more dramatic varieties.

4. Team Large, Leafy Tropical House Plants With Bright Colours

Want to use house plants to create a tropical feel? Pair large, leafy species with furniture that makes a statement and equally striking abstract art.

It really can be as easy as that!

5. Choose Tall House Plant Species To Match High Ceilings

If you’re blessed with high ceilings, choose plant life that makes the most of it.

You can afford to pick taller, more dramatic species or equally eye-catching trailing varieties without fear of them swamping the room.

6. Make House Plants A Feature In A Minimalist Space

House plants can really bring a coffee table to life, making a feature out of an often-overlooked space.

The trick to achieving this look effectively is ensuring an assortment of species, sizes, and pot styles; arranged with little uniformity.

7. Display Plants On A Wire Rack For A Millenial Feel

Styled with blush tones and a varied assortment of plant life, this space has a particularly millennial feel.

To achieve this finished look, simply add mismatching, bright-toned plant pots and one of each of your favorite house plants.

8. Create An Industrial Vibe

Adding house plants can be an effective way of injecting a pop of color into an otherwise monochrome, industrial-style decorating scheme.

While understated, each plant adds a lively touch and helps create a more homely feel.


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