30+ Mini Kitchen Set Design Ideas For Tiny Apartment

Good news, all you small-space dwellers: There are lots of ways you can increase storage or workable room in your kitchen. We scoured the internet to find the most ingenious small kitchen hacks out there.

So you’ve got a tiny kitchen. Whether a rental space or something to call your own, a foot or two of counter space and maybe a wall to work with if you’re lucky doesn’t leave a ton of room to get creative. But, give us an inch and we’ll give you a mile of ideas. Here, fabulous small kitchens chock full of solutions and inspiration to help you jazz up your tiny space and keep you cooking in style.

Embrace What You Have

Rather than trying to cover up this aged brick (there are surely far, far worse problems in the world). Hence this kitchen made it part of its decor. Whether you have beautiful brick like this or reclaimed wood or vintage tile, consider sticking with it before making big changes.

Use The Tops Of Your Cabinets

The tops of your cabinets offer prime real estate for storage. Way up there, you can stash special-occasion serving platters. And even extra pantry supplies that you don’t need all that frequently. Elsie at A Beautiful Mess used wire bins to corral her supplies without making space feel too cluttered.

Cook Up a Dining Area

Sometimes, all you need to create a small dining area for one or two. Hence, is a tiny table tucked in any open space you might have between cabinets and your appliances, like in this hyper-efficient (and totally lust-worthy) kitchen.

Downsize Your Furniture

Yes, you can obviously get a smaller-than-usual breakfast table. We also love this idea: The kitchen features a half-moon table instead of a full, round one, which would have wasted space. Putting the straight side against the wall was a smart use of space here.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Playful Personality Touches

In this super small kitchen, a retro menu board adds a fun “greasy spoon” diner vibe to the wall. It adds just the right amount of kitsch without going overboard.

Put The Space Above Your Fridge To Good Use

When remodeling her kitchen, blogger Bev Weidner, from Bev Cooks. Hence, took the time to plan a custom storage solution for the (typically unused) space over the fridge. Her design has room for open storage (to house pots, pans, and the like). Thus, as well as dividers to keep cutting boards in order.


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