30+ Most Secret Storage Ideas You can Example

Hidden storage can be fun to use and make. Also, it plays an important part in protecting items in your home. Take a look at these clever hidden storage ideas. Hence, which include hidden stairway storage, hiding trash can in a tilt-open-door cabinet, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, hidden storage headboard and etc.

Some of the ideas are products that you can purchase from most hardware stores or Wal-Mart. But, most are things that you can do yourself to create a hideaway storage area in your home.

It’s amazing how many totally fantastic ideas there are out there. So, I just had to share a few with you.

Storage In Bed

I’ll just say that it can totally transform a bedroom because of the amount of storage they provide. Thus, I have a storage bed in all bedrooms in my home now. And as it’s a 1930’s home with no built-in storage whatsoever, it’s been a lifesaver, to say the least!

Storage In the Tub

Baths are the biggest piece of furniture in a bathroom, so why not make them work even harder and make space pay! Having panels that can be removed means that you can store cleaning items, bath products etc… – perfect for a small bathroom with little storage.

Bedside Table Secret

I love this idea for having storage within shelves. It’s a great option for bedside tables (as shown), or I would also look at using for a home office for pens or wires, or as somewhere to keep valuables when away on holiday. The options are endless!

Stairway To Storage

Yes, Yes, these would need to be done by a professional – but wouldn’t it be worth it to have space around the stairs being put to good use?

I think the second idea would be really useful for a home that didn’t have a loft/attic for larger items. You could easily store a suitcase or two there, or your Christmas decorations – out of the way but easy to grab when needed.

Storage Behind Picture or Painting

WOW. Just WOW! What an easy idea to make storage behind pictures!. Hence, just pop a hinge on one side and voila, you’ve got all those little items easily accessible, but totally hidden away. Thus, i love the idea of both of these pictures, and may well start using both in my home very soon!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall Where’s The Storage

A really good DIY version of a storage mirror, and this one caught my eye because it can hold so many things so beautifully.


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