40+ Small Console Table Design And Decor Ideas For Hallway

A console table provides you with a perfectly level display surface. Hence, where you can brighten a room with fresh flowers. Also, show off your recent family portraits. Also, it can add to a themed room, or help to tie a mismatched set together. Therefore, you can use it for storage if you add drawers or bins, or as a way to greet your guests into your home.

Console tables can actually prove to be a very nice thing to have. Thus, apart from that, those that you can have a look at down here. Hence, are both elegant and practical. Even those who are very demanding, have managed to pick something for themselves here and what will you do?

Here are a few fresh ideas to get you started, and maybe help you come up with some fun and unique uses of your own. The options are abundant; all you need to do is decide what works best for you.

Rustic Design

A console table in a rustic design, perfect for a living room or an entry hall. It features a minimalist design with a simple, metal base and a top made of a single, wooden plank with all the natural imperfections left.

Skinny Table

Super-skinny console table constitutes a perfect example of DIY construction. An ideal choice for any narrow passages, like corridors or hallways. It will create a good display point for your treasuries.

Wooden Narrow Table

The foyer is always hard to be decorated because of the very limited space, which eliminates the ideas of having a table there. This wooden narrow table, inspired by the window sill, is a good place for small decorations.

A Distressed Finish

If you don’t have enough space at your entryway or drawing room, you should choose the console table with a distressed finish. It’s perfect to display books, flowers and much much more.

Black Wooden Elegant Table

The entrance corridor is the visit card of the house. To get a good exposure, think of black, wooden with hand-styled elements a hall table with mirror. The table is perfect for plants, or candles. And the mirror is made in the same style, with a black craved frame.


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